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about me

my greatest passion in life: art. Since a very young age I have always loved being creative. I have watched and learnt from a variety of people and cultures through my life. After enjoying Art and Graphic design at GCSE level I decided to do Art and Design, Design Technology and Performing Arts to A Level. The first two subjects helped me to widen my knowledge of my interest in art, and the last one taught me of the wider subject of ‘The Arts’. I was fascinated and challenged to see how deeply these subjects were interrelated. For example, in Performing Arts, when studying the play ‘Road’ by Jim Cartwright, the set design is very important in creating atmosphere and structure. This relies heavily on good artists to envision and produce this. This expanded my ideas of where inspiration and opportunity can come from for an artist. I was challenged by A-level study, a challenge I was excited to work through, and I am looking forward to more opportunities given through higher education. Much of my spare time is spent practicing and exploring art in its different definitions. I have done a Life Drawing class, giving me a focused project for my spare time. I have revisited techniques studied at college, taking time to look at them in more detail. From a natural excitement of taking photos I have grown a passion for photography. I now enjoy this both as leisure and as a growing career opportunity. Over the past three years, at an annual Christian conference I have been helping with stage and room set, which included designing and painting back drops for the event. As part of the conference I had the opportunity to explore painting spontaneously from inspiration; working along side a speaker or live band painting how I felt. I enjoy many different areas of art, researching and creating, and the works of artists such as Lucian Freud and Andy Warhol. I believe these experiences will be invaluable if I am offered a place at college or university. Art is my favourite passion and I am keen to study this subject with others who share my enthusiasm. I want to learn from others. In much of my time at college and in the work at music events I work along side other artists. I believe this is essential to learning. I have chosen to take a gap year to investigate ways of using art particularly among young people. It is supported by an organisation called Share Jesus International, working with churches around Cornwall. I have started a five week art course for 11 to 16 years olds, exploring different mediums and making it a fun learning experience. Working up to Easter I am also contributing to an art gallery for a Christian festival happening over two weeks. I have found the surroundings have inspired my photography and take many trips around Cornwall looking at different aspects of its history and natural surroundings. This has been interspersed with parties and weddings, giving me diverse photographic opportunities. Whilst being in this historic part of the country I have learnt a lot about its countryside, and how people are trying to preserve this and its produce with new technology. I support this in many ways and it has been interesting too to see how that reflects on local artists work, and even mine. With the opportunity to live independently, work for and with others I am learning about time management and organisational skills. I have been able to visit art galleries in my free time and have enjoyed looking at local and international artists’ exhibitions. I have always been passionate about my work. I am hard working and determined, setting high standards for myself because I have a thirst for engaging with the subjects I love. Leaving home and creating new opportunities for my talents to be used in has helped me explore art as a practical subject. Taking a gap year has taught me valuable life skills which will be useful at university. I am an open minded person, self motivated and disciplined. I am eager to learn new things and meet new challenges, and look forward to an environment where I can be helped to develop in the study of what I love most, art.

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