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Posted 13 years ago

so, I was at work the other day when one of my collegues asked me how long it is until I actually go to Kenya. My reply was something along the lines of "oh, er......dunno really.......a while yet", and then I counted and was quite shocked to find it was 12 DAYS!!  Today I counted and got rather concerned that I didn't need my toes to count, just my hands. Hmmmmmm I should maybe start becoming a bit more organised (and yes mum, I know you've been saying that for a while but you also know I work better under pressure :P).

Decided that I might take this opportunity to tell you all a bit about Kibera.  Kibera is the largest slum in Kenya just outside Nairobi.  Over 3 million people live there and apparently approximately 700 people die there every day.  I got slightly concerned when I found out the average life expectancy is 54 years old. If my family lived there I'd be an orphan.  The housing is made of tin and mud and are owned by land lords who charge extortionate prices for a teeny tiny little room.  There is no sewage or sanitation systems so you have to avoid walking in the river of human waste and general rubbish (last year I nearly fell in it several times, yummy!).

I think I'll leave you with that image. Don't wanna information overload you all :)

Tuesday April 24th, 10:55am GMT
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Comment by Mum, posted at April 24th 2007, 7:13 pm:
I've just sent you an email re pressure! love you Mumxxx
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